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 In the spring, our family decided that the time was right to bring a dog into our home. I immediately thought to look at a greyhound. We did some research online, but found the best research on the same website that we would soon use to apply for a greyhound. We had questions and Jeanette had answers! I was immediately amazed at the knowledge and compassion Jeanette has for greyhounds as a whole and I knew right away that we were dealing with the right person.

The application process was quick and easy, done online and that was that! We had immediate communications with Jeanette as to what the next steps were. Within 2 weeks, Tena came to visit with the wonderful Grover. We fell head over heels in love with greyhounds even more. In another week, we found ourselves at the kennel with 25 happy hounds trying their best to show us that they were the dog for us! There were some dogs we were interested in, but Jeanette would point out why a particular dog would not be the right fit for our home. Her profiling of the dog is extremely accurate, and with a 2 year old in our family, we had to have the right dog. We eventually found "Juno", a beautiful black greyhound that was happy 100% of the day. However... Juno was a little too curious about our cat, a little too much for my comfort. Jeanette kept in touch with us regarding this matter and had many different exercises to try with her. I know that eventually one of those exercises would've worked, but with our son as a part of the mix, Jeanette and I both agreed that it was time to try another dog.

We went back to the kennel and spent some quiet time with two different dogs. Let me tell you... deciding which one was to come home with us was one difficult desicion as Jeanette truly found the best matches for us! After an hour of playing with the two hounds, our heart went to "Hallo Cuisine". She was quickly renamed "Sable" and we lived happily ever after! Now, for the rest of the story! Sable was a bit of a picky eater at the start, and after a few hits and misses, we found the best solution to get her to eat, thanks to Jeanette and her ongoing care and concern for the greyhounds she adopts out. The support she offers is priceless, and she always follows up to ensure the issue was solved.

Sable has fit into our family beautifully. She is lovable, healthy, social, quiet but playful when the time is right and does anything she can to please us! Our son Austin can not go to sleep at night without first saying good night to "Sable Sue".

I can not say enough good things about GPAC! From start to finish, the adoption process was a wonderful experience! Anyone thinking about bringing a greyhound into their family needs to speak with Jeanette!!

With "grey't" admiration for GPAC and all they do,

Andrea, Peter, Austin and Sable

Our introduction to GPAC was out of the ordinaire as we moved to Nova Scotia from BC with a greyhound recently adopted from a Puget Sound Organization. Our experience with that American Resce Society was far from satisfactory so it was with amazement when we moved into the GPAC web and discovered that its involvement and interest extended far beyond the adoption of your grey.
We were astounded at the support given to its members, by its members, with the interest of the rescued grey always in the forefront of their work.

Within the first year in Nova Scotia, not only had GPAC assumed long term interest in our West Coast grey Tuya, but allowed us to foster a second one, Molly. We failled fostering 101 within two weeks, but as we had been processed for fostering in the same manner as for adoption, the selection process was already done.

Because we had the interest and the time to do as much as we could to assist GPAC in its work, we assisted where we could at parades, Meet and Greets, Hound Days, etc. The more we became involved, the more impressed we were with the dedication of GPAC members. More importantly, we saw that GPAC's modus operendi was to place dogs in quality homes with quality people. This did mean that quality adoption was more important than quantity. Thus GPAC's track record of successful adoptions over the years.

We were asked and for three years, became a small part of the adoption screening process so witnessed first hand the care that was taken to ensure good adopters and the selection of the right greys for them. Only ill health of one of us forced us to assume a more background role which we persue today.

The unfortunate passing of our nine year old Molly with cancer several months ago was gut renching but again, GPAC members provided support and when we decided we needed to fill the void, GPAC was there. Although we were proven grey hound owners, we still had an abreviated adoption process primarily to ensure we got the grey that met our situation, Freya, a beautiful four year old is now the new member of our household.

GPAC has a proven track record of selection of adopters, placement of greys to meet therr personal life styles, and follow up support where and when needed.
Our endorsement of GPAC is freely given for they earned our trust and respect.

Richard and Ann Waller

 My overall experience in adopting a greyhound was very well organized, thorough, informative and quick. The whole adoption process took about 2 weeks. starting with a quck response to my on line application, to my home visit from Theresa Aylward a few days later. Theresa was a great inspiration to us. The training we received at Jeanette's home was a more in depth training and we left her home with a wealth of valuable knowledge from her many years of working with the grey's. Jeanette instilled the confidence in my husband and I to becoming a new greyhound pet owner and we deeply thank you for that. It was great to know the dogs are very well taken care of at Jeanette's kennel (home). It is a very clean and loving environment fot the dogs. The dogs are completely vet checked and spayed/neutered once brought up into Canada so Jeanette can monitor their healing. This organization deserves the biggest KUDO's.

Thank you so much Jeanette for all of your hard work and dedication to this wonderful breed.

Cindy MacNevin

Hi well , when i adopted buddy i can say it was a learning experence from start to finish. After reading up on greys ,i decided to contact the people involved in adopting a grey hound . I needed more info and they were happy to fill me in and give me the answers i needed . After contacting gpac adopting a local girl came to my home with her grey hound , they answerd all my questions so easy as well as put me to ease . I filled out a questionare ,its was to match a dog to me as well as to let them no what i was looking for . After meeting up with theresa and camy her grey i found myself more set on a grey hound . Well the day came august 6th ,to go for a long drive to muskadobt harbour and bring home my grey . WOW . After getting there late as usual with me , i was met by the leading ladie in control of these greys . I walked into the kennel amazed to what i saw . Kennels were clean , dogs were in kennels and all seemed happy to see someone new there. I took the first dog out for a walk , out the driveway . Well he seemed to be a lil stressed with me every dog is different . Next she let this real nice black dog out with white on his chest and feet . He was so excited to see me , Again i took him for a walk and yes indeed i fell in love . After filling out some paper work and getting all his health records tags and paying the small fee of 275.00 i was amazed . I went to take ownership of my new grey now called buddy . After a few more tips from janet HOPE I SPELLED THAT RIGHT. On how to take care of him the best way , i was off with him in my lil car . Trip was no trouble at all , and first few night i expected to have problems . Well no problems yet . Buddy is a healthy happy 2 year old dog I love him to death , I WILL SAY ONLY THAT HE HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER HAPPENED TO ME . Buddy is a loving very calm 2 year old grey hound dog . I will say id highly recommend a grey to anyone that is looking for a loving caring dog and companion . Thanks to all involved in getting these dogs good home. ITS BEEN AN AWSUM EXPERENCE thanks andrew and buddy.

Rush Jackson

Our family has been fortunate to own three wonderful greyhounds through GPAC's adoption program.
Since the adoption of our first greyhound in 1998, we have been impressed by not only Jeanette's passion for greyhound rescue but also her thoroughness in screening applicants. As a result of this unique screening , unsuitable applicants and homes are screened out of the adoption process through an interview with the area representative and a final interview with Jeanette Reynolds. This insures that only quality homes are approved for a greyhound. GPAC's priority is placing greyhounds into loving, responsible, quality homes as oppose to placing a large number of greyhounds regardless of the suitability of homes.
GPAC screens each greyhound for suitability in each home. Every step is taken to ensure each applicant is matched with the perfect greyhound. Greyhounds are screened for compatibility with children, and small animals such as cats, to ensure those greyhounds which are unable to adapt to children or small animals are not placed in homes with children or small animals. In our case, our family adopted 2 greyhounds prior to the arrival of children in our lives. GPAC's screening ensured our greyhounds were suitable for the future addition of children in our family. With our newest family member, Denver, GPAC chose the perfect greyhound for our family.
We will always have a greyhound in our family. We trust Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada to find the perfect greyhound for our family with each addition.

The Lavigne Family

We adopted our greyhound, “Nigel”, almost a year ago, and feel so fortunate to have him as a member of our family! He is such a loving, serene, and calming influence in our household. We had first contacted GPAC via the website, without knowing much about adopting a greyhound. Shortly afterwards, we were telephoned by a couple who then visited our home with their greyhound to explain the adoption process, to answer any questions we had, and to assess whether our home would be appropriate for a greyhound. The couple (and their greyhound of course) was lovely, and they took lots of time to answer our questions. My older son and I then made a few trips to GPAC to meet and walk some greyhounds. The two of us had an idea which greyhound we would like to adopt, but Jeanette asked our whole family to come out to meet with her for an in depth session about caring for an adopted greyhound. This session made us feel completely prepared for bringing our dog home and helping him adapt to family life. She also wanted to see how different dogs interacted with the different members of our family. It was immediately apparent that the dog my son and I had “picked” was too rambunctious for our younger son (aged 5), and she suggested 2 other dogs that might be more appropriate. We adopted one of these, and his personality has been so wonderful and gentle (yet still playful) for a family with young children.


We were very happy with our GPAC adoption experience. Right from the beginning, we were impressed with the interview process. The fact that a GPAC representative initially brought a dog (Steve) to our house was great. It gave is a chance to interact with one of the dogs and I suppose it gave GPAC a chance to get to know us. As we went through the process, we never felt as though we were being pushed or subjected to a sales pitch. We understand that no one benefits from placing dogs in households that are not suitable. It's not good for the dog, the owner, or GPAC. Jeanette laid out the unvarnished realities associated with being a greyhound owner. We felt as though we were given an accurate description of the good, bad, and ugly. Dog ownership is a great joy, but it is also a big commitment. That was never concealed, and we appreciate that.

Perhaps the most impressive thing that GPAC did was assess our situation and match a dog to fit our family. My experience with greyhounds is that they have a wide range of personality types. But the selection of our first dog (Aaron) was spot on. We have young children and Aaron was perfectly suited to our family. He is unbelieveably patient and tolerant.

GPAC also provided great support and recommendations on how to care for our dogs. That included feeding, grooming, training, etc. We were given great information on where to go to get the essential products and services for caring for our hound. This level of support has extended well beyond the adoption process.

Our second adoption was a special case. The dog we selected (Crystal) had a serious health issue prior to the completion of the adoption process. It would have been easy and justifiable to have given up on her. But Jeanette did not. She invested tremendous time, effort, and money in Crystal. Other GPAC volunteers went well above and beyond the call of duty for Crystal as well. We are at a loss for words to describe our appreciation for what Jeanette and the GPAC volunteers did for Crystal. She is now healthy and living the life of a normal dog, enriching our lives.

Adam Gibson

Last May we adopted out first greyhound Sophie and everyday I smile just thinking about how she has positively affected my life. We adopted our second dog Trey in mid August and I don't know how I lived before without my dogs. :)

My fiance and I always knew that one day we would adopt a dog, adopting a dog in need vs buying just makes sense. My finace and I saw the ads for GPAC in our local Musquodobbit newsletter and discussed adopting a greyhound. One day while visting the Mic Mac Mall we got to meet one of these beautiful dogs. I knew then that we needed to adopt a greyhound. I started volunteering at GPAC to learn about the dogs and how to be a good dog owner. We visited as much as we could because being with the dogs just made us soo happy. We always left the kennel with huge smiles on our faces.

We applied to foster a dog and the response from GPAC was very quick. A couple and their dogs came to our house to visit, they answered any questions we had. We went to GPAC on hound day in May to foster a dog. We didn't care if it was a boy or girl or the colour or anything, all greyhounds are so beautiful, quiet, gentle and loving. Jeanette suggested fostering Sophie and I am so happy she did. Fostering Sophie turned into adopting Sophie! Whenever we had questions the GPAC chat site was perfect to find answers. Everyone is so helpful and honest.

In August we started to think about getting a friend for Sophie. Our first experience adopting a greyhound was so smooth that a second dog would be a great addition. Everyone I spoke with at GPAC told me that one dog and two dogs were equal in care and that they really benefitted from a having another dog friend. We adopted Trey in mid August and now its like we've had both dogs forever! They are best friends and we're all soo happy. Sophie and Trey are wonderful! They make me laugh in the morning and I look forward to seeing them both when I get home in the evenings. I love my dogs!

Rachel Pushie

 A short 3 years ago I filled out an application to adopt a Greyhound from GPAC. This was not a spur of the moment thing....I had researched the breed and the organization, spoke to a neighbor who had adopted and finally made the decision.

From the initial phone call to the home visit and the time spent out at Jeanette's place I found the whole experience very professional!
What I was not prepared for was the accuracy in GPAC matching me with a grey that completely suits both me and my lifestyle. Tobin came into my life and fit in seamlessly within days of coming home with me. Like all new parents of a Grey, I was far more nervous than Tobin...(he snored all the way home from the kennels)

In my first few months of rooming with Tobin, GPAC, Jeanette and the vast numbers of Greyhound parents in this network were fabulous in answering every little question I had and offered tremendous support. Turns out there were no major issues...just a nervous greyhound parent hoping to do all the right things!

When I think back to that home visit and the volunteer who came to my home with her Greyhound and spent 2 hours with me along with the half day spent in Jeanette's living room with her beautiful Greys ( most of the time I was on the floor with them while Jeanette was on the phone helping out another new parent ) I only wish I could experience that again.

So, if you are reading this and like me, a bit nervous of taking the leap into Grey parenting, please, please don't worry about a thing! GPAC, the volunteer Home Visit folks, Jeanette and the whole community of Grey parents are there with you every day!

make the will NOT regret it!

p.s. 5 months after I brought Tobin home, Jeanette matched me up with Titan....I now have 2 great boys (we call them the Lads) who are enjoying their retirement almost as much as I am enjoying sharing my life with them!


Two years ago, after the passing of our beloved beagle, our family decided we needed another dog. Then came the question - what breed of dog? Many breeds were considered as well as many adoption groups. It was my husband who first posed the question - hey what about a greyhound? It was then that the hunt was on to find out as much about these "gentle giants" as we could. After studying the website for many hours the decision was made to put in an application and see "where things go from there". Fortunately the Doggie Expo was on the next weekend and we went to talk to the folks at GPAC. After talking to the folks at the booth it was confirmed to us that yes indeed, this was the breed for us. We got a call not long after that day that a home visit was scheduled for us. The visit further confirmed that we were on the right road. The home visit was followed by a visit to the kennel and an information session there. Needless to say, we were really impressed with the thoroughness and accuracy of both the adoption process and the matching of the dog to the needs of our family. Only a few days after that, we got a call that there was indeed a dog out there who matched what we were looking for in our next dog. Dooley! What can we say, he is sweet and good-natured, even with the cat. Now two years later we have added a little brindle named Chloe to our "fur family". Her charm and fun-loving manner even makes Dooley laugh. The two have become fast friends and are inseparable.

The Whytes

Janet and I couldn’t be more pleased with our greyhound adoption experience through GPAC. As non-dog-owners, we had plenty of reservations about taking one of these animals into our home. The volunteers who conducted the in-home interview not only made an assessment as to whether we could provide a suitable home for a greyhound, they generously gave of their time to make sure we understood the nature of the commitment we were making and answer dozens of questions that we had about the changes to their home, routines, and lives in general that adopting their greyhound had brought about. Simply having their hound lying on his mat in our living-room, where no dog had ever set foot before, was an eye-opener!

We were really impressed with the “class” that was provided on adoption day. There was so much valuable advice and information shared with us, and we wrote it all down and, for the most part, did what we were told, with the result that integrating Frank into our home was virtually trouble-free. Knowing that our dog was healthy, had his shots, had his neutering operation over with and healed successfully, all this contributed a lot to reducing the list of things we had to worry about.

Finally, even though Frank had a few anxiety issues, which were made clear to us before we decided on him, the judgement that he would be a good fit for us was bang-on. I can’t imagine how we could have chosen a better dog. The whole experience with Frank was so good, we went back four months later and adopted Molly, and that has gone every bit as well.

If you are looking for a gentle-natured, eager-to-please, loving companion animal who needs a good home, we strongly recommend that you consider a greyhound from GPAC.

Jon & Janet Curry


GPAC has allowed Sandra and I to save two dogs over the last 6 years. We are cat people and hadn't owned a dog in close to 40 years.After Harley's death in March, we realized that another dog was necessary to fill the painful emptiness in our home.

Jeanette Reynolds has created an organization that has met all our various needs over the last 6 years. We had an excellent experience with the volunteer who came with her greyhound to our home in the South Shore and explained what greyhounds require to adjust to a new life. Jeanette picked Harley for us. After almost 6 years on the track, it was a big adjustment for the dog and us.
Harley became a familiar sight in Liverpool and brought many smiles to pedestrians and drivers.

Zebediah came to us in June and again was chosen by Jeanette. Zeb had to accept a home with 5 cats and our 4 year old grandson. Jeanette chose dogs for us that fitted our home situation. She was always available for advise and offered good suggestions to problems ranging from exercise to health issues.

I look forward to the monthly newsletter that allow me to feel part of a special hound group. I like to read about groups in other Atlantic provinces. The newsletter is informative and I enjoy seeing pictures of other happily retired hounds.

Jeanette Reynolds does a wonderful job that comes with many joys and sorrows. We admire her strength to keep rescuing these beautiful dogs.

Ray and Sandra McMahon

I am the proud ‘mom’ of 3 greyhounds all adopted through Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada. I had heard about the group and their work many years ago and hung on to me brochure for 10 years before I was finally in a place in my life where I could become a dog owner. The application process was so easy and the website so helpful. It wasn’t long before I got that phone call to set up my home visit. I was never so excited and terrified all at the same time. I really wanted to be allowed to have a greyhound! Mary, Andrew and their dog Buddy came a calling and it was greyt! Jules, the cat, wondered in to check Buddy out and wondered back out without any concern. That was encouraging! I remember asking them if they thought I would be approved and they said they were ‘pretty sure’. I couldn’t wait to hear from Jeanette. I soon had the call and we talked about a dog she had in mind for me and she convinced me I didn’t need to wait till March break to get her either. I was soon on my way to visit Natalie in Stewiack and was amazed at her 10 dogs, plus fosters! I hated to leave without Simone that day, but I was back the next week to get her. I thought my heart was going to burst with joy. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it! I spent days just looking at her and loving her and was so amazed that she was my dog. I still feel like that. Simone is a perfect fit. And when it was time to get her a friend, Jeanette suggested a visit to Janice who was fostering Bobo. It was love at fist sight for Simone, Bobo and I. And I made an excellent friend in Janice too. And then along came Hazelle, an excellent match again! I marvel at my dogs every day and thank the powers that be for bringing them into my life. It is richer and fuller in every way for having adopted these dogs. And I like to walk, so we do, and that has brought great things to my world too. New friends, better health and fun time with the dogs! Should you adopt? You bet! I would have 10 if I could…maybe when I retire!

I always knew that when the time came to have a dog I would chose a rescued animal. I wanted an animal who needed me. Little did I know that when I finally took the plunge to become a dog owner it would have absolutely nothing to do with what the dog needed. My visions of becoming the benevolent owner of a rescued greyhound changed dramatically when at the age of 41 I lost my husband. Ron and I had begun the adoption process several months before he passed away. However, all adoption plans came to a stop during the months of his illness. Several weeks after his death my sister began gently pushing me to start again to consider bringing a dog into my home. With her prompting I re-connected with Jeanette and participated in the final training seminar at her home. A few weeks later I pulled out of her driveway with a very anxious dog in the back of my SUV and wondered if I hadn't just made one of the biggest mistakes ever. My life was in complete chaos and now I was going to throw a dog into the mix. I almost turned around and brought her back. But I didn't.

That beautiful girl took her place by my side as I began my journey through this new place I had found myself in and it was as if there was never any other place she could possibly be. She demanded absolutely nothing from me which was good because I really didn't have much to give. However I couldn't ignore those big brown eyes that watched every move that I made and before I realized it I could smile at that sweet face when she leaned her head against my leg. But the real therapy started on that first walk. She will walk as long and as far as I'm willing to go and one cannot help but see the beauty in the world when they are sharing it with a silent, gentle companion.

So, she really didn't need “me”. If it hadn't been me, Jeanette would have matched her to someone who would have loved her because that is what she and GPAC do. I needed a special dog and Jeanette made sure I got one. Thankfully it was me; I really needed her and she truly is my companion. Her name is Florence after the most famous nurse in the world and for my love who was also a nurse.

Keila Zinck

We cannot thank Jeanette enough for all her hard work bringing in and housing these beautiful dogs. She made the process of adopting our first boy, Zakery G. Wells, a very easy and enjoyable experience. Jeanette is always willing to answer the many questions you may have when you adopt your first dog. When Zak left us and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge she and her trusty band of volunteers were on hand to grieve with us. That was the day Our Sweet Polly found us as we all stood around in the kennel yard crying and hugging. Polly leaned into me and when I looked down into those big, brown eyes, she seemed to be saying, "I know you're sad and you're hurting. If you take me home with you I can make you feel better". Jeanette was generous enough to let us take Polly home that very day. I am so glad she chose us for her family. Then, Mr. G. Hobbs came home with us 6 weeks later. These dogs are such a comfort and joy to us both. We can't imagine our lives without them.

Jeanette, thank you so very much, from the bottom of our hearts, to you for bringing these wonderful souls into our lives. Thank you for all the work you do and thanks also to all those who volunteer.
For those of you out there who are looking for a loving pet to join your family, I highly recommend contacting Jeanette and making a visit to the kennel.

Ruth Wells & daughter Victoria Newman-Jones

Every so often you meet a person with a quality that makes them unforgettable. Maybe it’s their personality or drive, or maybe it's something else that makes them a milestone in your life. One of those people to me is you Jeanette. 

Every morning I wake up to the faces of two hounds that I love dearly. Every morning I say a silent thank you to you. Thank you for everything you do, for the long hours you work, the 6am turnouts and for the dedication you give every day. Thank you for being that shining face that those dogs look at every morning, and the one that hugs them every day after their journey from Florida. Thank you for tending to illnesses and injuries and for always looking at the dogs with enough love that it could probably reach to the moon and back. Thank you for the tears that you shed when they find their forever homes, because I know you love them all. 

I truly do not know how you do it. There are very few people in this world who are as dedicated as you are.  And that is a quality that I can only wish I had. You are an inspiration to myself and many people every day. I don't think you realize how valuable you are. It takes a very special kind of person to devote themselves so selflessly to another. 

I encourage anyone and everyone that has ever thought about adopting a greyhound to go do it. Not only are you getting a really great dog (you don't need me to tell you how awesome grey'ts are), but you are gaining Jeanette, and that my friends, is reason enough.


Michelle (And the hounds, Creed and Brenna)

Michelle Davison

I wanted to say this to evey single one of you in the group: This is the most wonderful group/ community out there! I have only ever seen positivity and support from everyone on here, and that, I must say, is very rare! Whether someone is posting a silly picture of their hound, asking advice, or sharing sad news, there is always huge support from everyone! I have yet to find this anywhere else. So a big shout out to all you GPACers, from me and my Wendy Darling 

Elissa May Prosser

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 A short 3 years ago I filled out an application to adopt a Greyhound from GPAC. This was not a spur of the moment thing....I had researched the breed and the organization, spoke to a neighbor who had adopted and finally made the decision. From the initial phone call to... [MORE]

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