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 The process for adoption with GPAC is one designed to ensure the protection of the greyhounds for the long-term. Outlined below are the steps that take place when someone adopts a greyhound:

  • Fill out the Application Form and submit it. You will be contacted within a few days by a Placement Representative. If you are anxious or have not heard from us, please contact the Nova Scotia kennel.
  • The first interview - the Home Visit - has the placement representatives coming to your residence. You will get a chance to see how a greyhound could fit into your home & family. Don't be intimidated, we ask lots of questions - we want to see how you and your family interact with the dogs. It also gives us the chance to offer suggestions of items or situations that may need to be corrected or moved if you were to get a greyhound. (i.e.: ornaments, holes in fencing, doors that don't close properly, etc.).
  • The second and final interview is with Jeanette Reynolds, at her home. The placement representatives fill out questionnaires after each interview and Jeanette, the founder of GPAC, uses these as a reference for her interview with you. If the representatives had any concerns, it will be noted on the file and these will be addressed with you at this time.
  • The best part finally arrives on Hound Day! This is the most fun - you get to come to the kennel at a prearranged appointment time to pick up your greyhound. Hound Day is when a large load of greyhounds (generally between 20 and 30) arrive in a hauler and are prepared for their new homes by a group of GPAC volunteers.
  • Finally, head on over to PetSmart, our adoption partner.  Fill out their form and pick up your adoption package, it's full of coupons so you can get a head start on spoiling your new greyhound.

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Last May we adopted out first greyhound Sophie and everyday I smile just thinking about how she has positively affected my life. We adopted our second dog Trey in mid August and I don't know how I lived before without my dogs. :) My fiance and I always knew that one day we... [MORE]

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